Want to Save Money or Make Money? Know Your Seasons

by Melissa Batai on July 25, 2013

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Garage Sale

Most of us have a pile of clutter in our basements or spare rooms.  That clutter, though it’s worthless to you, can represent at least a few couple hundred dollars, depending on what you have.  However, to maximize the amount of money you can make, know your seasons.  Likewise, if you’re looking to buy used, take advantage of seasonal selling to save a bundle.

Knowing Seasonal Selling Can Make You More Money

Have you noticed that when people go to garage sales, they rarely buy used coats and sweaters?  It’s not that they or their kids won’t need these things in the winter; it’s just that when it’s 85 degrees out, people aren’t thinking of winter gear even when it’s for sale cheap.

Instead, hold on to that gear and list it on Craigslist in September and October when the temperature starts to change.  You’ll likely sell a coat AND make more money than you would selling it at a garage sale in June.

Knowing Seasonal Selling Can Also Save You Money

The flip side is also true.  If you want to buy something used, look for it out of season.

A friend was looking for a treadmill.  The model she wanted sold new for almost $2,000.  She just bought the same model used on Craigslist a few weeks ago for $500.

The seller originally had the treadmill listed higher, but there was little interest.  Chances are, had he waited to list it until most people found it too cold to run outside, he would have made more money.  Instead, the buyer got a great deal by buying in the off season when there was little interest in buying a treadmill.

Of course, if you desperately need the money, sell whenever you can.  However, if you don’t need the money immediately, wait to sell until the appropriate season, and you’ll make more money.

As a buyer, make sure that you’re always looking ahead to buy items a season ahead.  I always buy my kids’ boots, snowpants and winter jackets at garage sales in the summer.  I just bought boots for my youngest for $2 at a garage sale.  Chances are, if I would have waited to buy them on Craigslist in October or November, I would have had to pay $10 or $15.

Sure, that doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but when you consider the difference between the many things you must buy over a year, the savings can be substantial.

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