What Are The Benefits Of Working With Warrior Trading?

by Justin on February 22, 2017

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Fred, a working bartender in Chicago, was tired of his lifestyle. The late nights, the crappy tips and the long hours running from walk-in beer fridge to busy bar and back. He needed a career that kept him out of a cubicle-filled office, but offered some real money.

That is when Fred found Warrior Trading. Poking around online one night after a particularly draining shift, he came across Warrior Trading on Twitter, he got sucked into the articles immediately. Fred always had a quick brain and a talent for math, which made him a good bartender. So the numbers aspect of day trading and the potential for profits had Fred looking into the online courses that Warrior offered right away.

With some of his bartender savings, Fred was able to start that week on a Warrior Trading course. At the Warrior Trading home, he was able to start learning day trading terms and dive into strategies pretty much right away.

Day trading is not for the faint of heart or those afraid of hard work. Warrior Trading can give you the knowledge, the tools and the community to help you succeed as a day trader, but it takes hours of dedicated study to master the basics.

So that is what Fred did. He put in the time, studying spreadsheets that showed company trends and the learning the strategies that Warrior Trading teachers put forth. Momentum trading, for example, which meant that Fred would search for stocks likely to move in the morning and then jump on them as soon as the market opened. Of course, Fred was practicing this strategy in simulated trading rooms on Warrior’s site, so whenever he forgot to add the proper stop-loss to the trade, he didn’t take a huge bath. It was a learning opportunity for the real world of day trading.

Beyond the extensive level of training before going out into the shark-infested waters of the day trading market, Warrior Trading offers a number of benefits to improve your skills once you venture out. The daily chat room, where community members and Warrior Trading teachers congregate online each today share tips and advice, is an invaluable part of many day traders’ days.

Fred benefited enormously from being in the daily chatroom day after day, as a student and then as a novice day trader. He was able to interact with active traders in real time to vet ideas and listen in on conversations between veteran traders that were going back and forth about float prices, gap and go strategies and opening range breakouts. It was an excellent way for Fred to reinforce his grasp of terminology.

Today, Fred is making more per day than he made in a week at his bartending job? And he gets to control his schedule and never mix a drink for an annoying customer again.

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