Where Can The Beginning Investor Go for Guidance?

by Kyle Taylor on March 1, 2013

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Investing can seem complicated, especially if you don’t know the language that is used to talk about investing.  If you know you need to reap the financial rewards of investing but you don’t know where to start, your first step is to find a mentor.

Yes, I know in our Internet saturated world, a mentor can seem, well, so old school.  However, a mentor can teach you investment strategies as well as advise you as you make your first investments.

Where Can Someone Find an Investment Mentor?

Your next question is likely, where can I find a mentor?  Look first within your family.  Are there people who are good at investing and experienced?  Talk with those people and understand their risk tolerance and their success in investing.  However, don’t stop with just one or two people.  Talk to as many people as you know who invest.

After you talk with them at length, you’ll find they may all employ different strategies for successfully investing.  Maybe some invest in foreign currency and even utilize forex signals, while others may prefer more conservative bond investments.  Others likely swear by the stock market.

Whose strategy do you like best?  Why?  Once you can answer these two questions, you may be ready to choose your mentor.

As you enter the investing world, don’t forget that you can practice first by using free demo accounts that many brokers offer.  If your mentor has time, you may share your investment strategy for the demo accounts with him, and he can offer feedback before you begin investing your money for real.

Other Places You May Find Investing Advice & Strategies

Don’t forget that there are also other places you can seek financial experience such as reading financial blogs.  There are many financial bloggers who devote their time and energy to exclusively writing about investment strategies.  Just as no two people are the same, so too, no two bloggers have the exact same investing strategy, so you can learn quite a bit.

Also, many brokers have a forum where investors can discuss strategies and successes.  Spend your time there and you will continue to learn from those with more experience than you.

Investing can seem overwhelming, but if you surround yourself with people who invest and can offer you assistance, you will likely learn about investing more quickly than you thought possible.  You’ll also learn a variety of investment strategies and be able to pick the one that works best for you.

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