Why It’s Worth Learning Spanish, Even if You Know You Won’t Master It

by Justin on May 24, 2017

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Though “mas cervezas, por favor” might be all you really need to enjoy your all-inclusive vacation in the Dominican Republic or Mexico, there is much value to be gained by learning a few more practical phrases. Apart from the fact that geographically, it opens opportunities in many countries and cultures within the Americas and Europe, it can also be a way to widen your professional network and create business opportunities.

However, many people shy away from the idea of taking Spanish lessons or actively trying to learn the language because they think “that ship has sailed” and they are either too busy, old, or dense at languages to master it. This perspective is completely incorrect and can be what holds you back from putting in the time and effort it takes to learn this important and influential language. Even if you will never sound like a native or achieve a level in which you will be fluently bilingual, it’s absolutely worth taking the time to expand your knowledge of Spanish and here’s why:

  1. It’s the Perfect Traveling Language

It’s true that English seems to have evolved to become the “universal” language which many people learn after their native tongue. However, the level of proficiency varies from person to person, and different cultures place learning English at various levels of importance. Having an extra language always gives you a secondary “in” with whoever you are dealing with since they might also speak that language, even a little bit. The great thing about Spanish is that it is a “Romance” language, meaning that knowledge of it will make it easier for you to understand Italian, French, and any language which comes from this class of languages. So, if you are planning a trip down South or to Europe, even if the country you are heading to doesn’t have Spanish as its primary tongue, you’ll find it easier to communicate with locals if you at least know some Spanish.

  1. It Will Help You with Your Business

Being able to connect with a Spanish-language audience can surely give you a big boost on the business front. Though it’s true that you will likely have to contract Spanish translation services, whether destined for Spain, Latin America, Mexico or the USA, since you want a perfectly professional result, having some language proficiency will show stakeholders or partners your dedication to this market segment. Even those who are native English speakers often hire copywriters to get the wording down perfectly without errors and in a tone that speaks to their target audiences. However, knowing how to at least be able to have a casual conversation or respond to simple inquiries in Spanish would give your company legitimacy and a leg-up compared to other similar businesses.

  1. It Can Get You a Job

If you are looking to get a job, having another language under your belt is always a bonus. Though the truth is that this skill, even when asked for, is not always utilized, it’s an employable feature which employers look for. You never know when that little bit of Spanish could come in handy, whether when dealing with a customer who is struggling with English, or there’s an important operations manual which is only available in Spanish. Though you might not feel like you are competent enough to work all day in Spanish, knowing that you can at least fall back on the basics is a comforting ability to have.

  1. It Can Boost Your Social Life

There’s a lot to be said about body language, however, if you are looking to create any kind of real relationship, whether friendly, romantic, or business-related, spoken language is the foundation. Smiles and hand gestures can only get you so far. By knowing Spanish, you can discover things which you would never otherwise know or have the opportunity to be exposed to, whether that’s the best authentic taco spot in Albuquerque or where the freshest Latino beats are playing. People will open up to you when they know that you are interested in them and in speaking their language, something which can be extremely valuable to you.

Even though you’re right in thinking that there’s no way that you will now achieve bi-lingual proficiency in Spanish, taking the time and effort to learn it as best as you can is a smart move. It will make traveling a breeze, and help you in your personal and professional interactions. You might even be surprised to see which doors will open to those who make an effort.

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