If You Give This Company Your Utility Bill, They Will Give You a Free $25 Target Gift Card

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Tired of paying hundreds of dollars to your electric company?

We feel your pain, but here’s the thing: It might not be your fault. Your electric company might be charging you too much. If you live in a state with a deregulated electricity market — meaning you have more than one choice of provider — you could save a ton of money by switching.

All you have to do is visit comparison site Arcadia Power, connect your utility account and it will try to lower your electric bill.

Plus, Arcadia will give you a free $25 Target gift card for letting them take a peek at your utility bill! 

How to Get a $25 Target Gift Card in 2 Minutes (Seriously!)

Let’s face it. We all spend too much money at Target.

You walk in with a simple shopping list. About 45 minutes later, you’re carting out candles, chocolate-covered snacks and a new wardrobe. Here’s how to get a $25 Target gift card toward that habit:

1. Visit Arcadia Power’s website.

2. Share your name, email address, and connect your utility account (the website is secure and it is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau)

3. Within 60 days, you’ll receive a free $25 Target gift card. Even better, Arcadia Power will notify you if a cheaper electric company is ever available in your area.

Financial services worker Rebecca Rindler signed up for Arcadia Power. She didn’t think much of it then, but about three months later, she got an email from Arcadia that it found her a better deal.

“Basically, I did nothing,” she says. She estimates she saved $120 on her electric bill in a year.

Not too shabby. 


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